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Kugel Air Flight Service
Tel:  (954)529-3073
Address:  5151 E Perimeter RD, (Hanger 38B), Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Kugel Air is a flight Service operation.
We do airplane charters and air Taxi.
Our primary mission is to fly you or your cargo whenever wherever you want or need to go.

We are licensed as an on Demand Air Taxi by the Federal Government. We specialize in private flights to practically anywhere anytime, with the highest safety and comfort.

Our aircraft is a 3 pax single engine airplane that offers great flexibility for both Pax and cargo. Visit our web site for a video tour of the aircraft.

We are very competitvely priced with any other flying service.
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Aircraft Charter
Air Taxi
Air Cargo
Marine air Cargo
Aerial Tours
Sightseeing tours
Airplane Photography
search and rescue. Bahama Cargo Flights
Island flights. South Florida Airplane Charter
Miami Airplane Charter
Fort Lauderdale Airplane Charter.
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